Equipment clothing series
· Military tent
· Civilian and foreign trade tent
· Toursim tent
· knapsacks carried tools
· Guns of various colothing
· Clothing and footwear category
· Water purifier and water tanks
· Other packing tools
Machining series
· Frame tent
· Mechanical processing products
· Forwarders machining tasks
· Metal surface treatment business Forwarders
· All kinds of zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting products

  Product introduction  
  1、Equipment clothing series:
1、Military tent
Knapsack tent,individual tent,01 individual tent,two-pieces individual tent,two-tier tent,97 pair cotton tent,two poles tent for 4 persons,86# infantry fighting vehicles tent,colored unlined tent for 5 persons,single pole tent for 6 persons,simple toilet tent,12m² cotton tent,93# cotton tent,93A cotton tent,84A cotton tent for the group,81# unlined tent for the group,dinning tent,field kitchen tent,93 double helth tent,95 general sanitation tent,grass-green cotton tent for 20 persons,cotton tent for 40 persons,96 general tent for commander,92# combined tent, 14*9 command tent,14*12 arch tent.
2、Civilian and foreign trade tent
12m² tent for disaster relief,Mongolia tent,scout tent,double tent for 6 persons,tent for hot area,saddle-style tent,7*5 white cotton tent,10.5*5 white dinning tent.
3、Toursim tent
All kinds of tourism tent,1029# painting tourism tent,1029# camoutlage tourism tent,double persons tent,301# camouflage tourism tent.
Outdoor and camping supplies:single inflatable pad,
single-chair inflatable pad,pair of type inflatable pad,scout cushion,TPU air cushion,automatic in flatable pad,05 field sleeping pad,curing pad,sand beach cushion,water jug,shovel,
trumpet,colored hammock,mosquitone hammock,bucket.
4、knapsacks carried tools
Military bag,colored workbasket,deposit bag,field operations packet,individual camping system,handbag,hot dishes sending equipment,rucksack,field carrying bag,prospecting knapsack,
01# carried tools for warm(cold) area,health rucksack,carried tools for large-size,05# field rucksack for warm(cold) area,
French rucksack,American knapsack,95 type 5.88mm automatic rifles tools,caisson bag submachine guns.
5、Guns of various colothing
A variety of gun clothing, guns clothing, travel thatch cloth, car tarp, car tarp 979, heap objects thatch cloth and a variety of portable small garage, etc.
6、Clothing and footwear category
Clothing and footwear categories: camouflage uniforms, training clothes, security-style poncho, poncho-type decomposition, split-type camouflage raincoats, coat-style sleeping bag, envelope-style sleeping bags, sleeping bags 05 field (down), fire sleeping bag, Mummy sleeping bags, coats envelope-type sleeping bags.
7、Water purifier and water tanks
A variety of storage, transport, water, water purification Series: individual water purifiers, basins, buckets, portable water bag, 50 promoted with a bucket, 2m³ software storage tank, 5m³ software storage tank, 2m³ software carrying water cans, 5m³ software shipped water.
8、Other packing tools

Helmets, helmet covers, camouflage nets, camouflage clothes, bullet-proof vests, neckties, badges, armbands, etc..

  2、Machining series:
1、Frame tent
Tent scout plane, 81-type class to use a tent frame, 93 frame-type classes with tents, frame tents grid, relief tent frame, yurts.
2、Mechanical processing products
Mechanical processing products, coal wood furnace heating field, and field operating tables (plastic, metal), low beds, camp-beds, stretchers, e, a variety of items such as metal rings.
3、Forwarders machining tasks
Mission contract machining, vehicles, milling, cutting, grinding, punching, bending.
4、Metal surface treatment business Forwarders
Metal surface treatment business Forwarders: pickling, phosphating, spray, galvanized.
5、All kinds of zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting products

A variety of zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting products: the three armed forces and armed police and a variety of large cap metal badges.

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