Equipment clothing series
· Military tent
· Civilian and foreign trade tent
· Toursim tent
· knapsacks carried tools
· Guns of various colothing
· Clothing and footwear category
· Water purifier and water tanks
· Other packing tools
Machining series
· Frame tent
· Mechanical processing products
· Forwarders machining tasks
· Metal surface treatment business Forwarders
· All kinds of zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting products


  Number:ASE   Number:ASE-1030/1   Number:ASE-1029/1
  Name:Civilian and foreign trade tent   Name:7*5 white cotton tent   Name:Saddle-style tents
  Number:ASE-1023/1   Number:ASE-1022   Number:ASE-1021
  Name:tent for hot area   Name:cotton tent for ten persons   Name:81# double tent for the group
  Number:ASE-1016   Number:ASE-1015/1   Number:ASE
  Name:double tent for 6 persons   Name:Mongolia tent   Name:Inflatable tent
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